Ridiculously Easy Recipe: Two-ingredient chicken and salsa

Easy. Easy. Easy. Easy. Easy!

Did I mention how easy this recipe is?

This simple slow cooker chicken recipe is from Holly Homer at Kids Activities Blog. It requires two ingredients and a slower cooker. There is virtually no prep, which is perfect for days when everything has gone crazy.


  1. Chicken (frozen is fine)
  2. Fresh salsa


Mix the salsa and chicken in your slower cooker, and set it to cook. You can cook it half a day on high, or a whole day on low. And voila! Easy chicken. Shred the chicken and serve.

Chicken Salsa Slow Cooker Recipe


You can eat the chicken by itself, or mix it with rice. It would also taste great in a taco or fajita.

Use fresh salsa if you can, but you could substitute that with jarred salsa.

Click here to see the original recipe!

So easy! Chicken and Salsa. That's all you need!

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