I am taking a vacation from all the clutter in my head


I am taking a vacation from all the clutter in my head

My mind has been in overdrive this summer. It’s constantly moving, but not always in a good way.

On any given day it’s a health challenge. Or travel. Or work. Or a toddler tantrum.

Or, my favorite, wrestling with unsolvable life questions, which keep me up at night.

I am ready to stop. So I will.

This week I am going to stop worrying. Well, I am going to consciously let go of all the crap that’s been occupying my head for the last few months. It’s starting to get crowded up there.

I will fulfill all of my responsibilities at home and at work, but I am going to stop thinking. Yes, it’s a cleanse for my head.

Throughout my many years, I have found that it’s not easy to banish something in your life without replacing it with something else. It creates a vacuum and it doesn’t always end well. What am I supposed to do if I am not worrying?

Instead I will:

  • Be grateful for this wonderful life I am living, and the wonderful people in it.
  • Stop judging myself for not being perfect. (Ok, I won’t be perfect at this one but I have to start somewhere.)
  • Let myself be at peace, at least for 5 minutes a day. No TV, no internet, no texting, no cleaning, no people. Just quiet.
  • Add smaller items to my to-do list so I can feel a bit more accomplished. It feels so good to cross items off the list.
  • Love more. I’ll work to be more patient, kind, compassionate, and thoughtful to everyone. Including myself.

I am looking forward to this vacation from all the clutter in my head. It’s just a week, right?

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