Easy DIY Christmas clothespin wreath: A great way to display Christmas cards!

In the age of emails and texts, there is something special about receiving a Christmas card in the mail.

As a child, all of the family’s Christmas cards were carefully displayed around our living room and kitchen. Some literally hung from the rafters. I loved how my mother decorated our home with cards hanging everywhere because it reminded me of one of the best parts of the season: family and friends.

Fast forward a few decades. After marriage and a kid, it’s time for new traditions to meet the shape of our home and family. Both my husband and I are in agreement that we want our cards displayed. However, we don’t have the same space to display all the cards in the same way as we did when I was a child.

Every Christmas I try to make one holiday craft for the family and I figured a Christmas card wreath would not only be decorative but practical at the same time.  I love it when decor and practicality work hand in hand!



I was utterly smitten by the clothespin wreaths on Pinterest that hold all your holiday cards neatly and also function as decoration. I liked this one in particular from SewSara (here’s the post) and modified it to suit my family’s taste and needs.

This wreath project is fantastic for those who may not be as crafty because it’s so easy. It took about an hour to complete although I had to put it together it in bits and pieces because I finished this while my toddler was awake.


  • A wire wreath
  • Clothespins (the number depends on the size of the wreath. We were fine with 36.)
  • Christmas card stock paper
  • Glue gun
  • Mod Podge or any strong glue

I bought most of my materials at Michael’s using coupons. The holiday paper was a great find and I love the patterns. Pictured below is a Mod Podge used for fabrics, but this worked well. I think a strong Elmer’s glue could work too.

Some people spray paint the wreath frame before they start. Since mine was dark green, I felt that fit in perfectly with the holiday. Spray painting your wreath is an option. Red or a Christmas green would look nice.

EASY DIY Christmas Card Wreath

Step 1: On the back side of the holiday paper, trace the outline of the clothespin multiple times and cut them out. The number of cut-outs you make is determine by how many clothespins you want to use. I cut out 36 (which was nine of each pattern).

EASY DIY Christmas Card Wreath

EASY DIY Christmas Card Wreath

Step 2: Glue the paper onto one side of the clothespin.

EASY DIY Christmas Card Wreath

EASY DIY Christmas Card Wreath

Step 3: Hot glue your decorated clothespins to the wreath form. The wreath form is usually divided into sections. I laid out how I wanted to place my pins before I started each section so I could get the look and spacing I wanted.

Once gluing the pins onto the form, let them dry for a few minutes. Then, flip over the wreath and add another layer of glue to the backside where the clothespins are attached to the wreath.

EASY DIY Christmas Card Wreath

Step 4: Let it set and then it’s ready to hang!

I absolutely love my new wreath! The colored paper works well and it really frees up space in our living room. It also adds another piece of Christmas to our home, in a very practical way.

EASY Christmas card clothespin wreath

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  • Stefanie December 3, 2016 at 11:14 pm

    I love this! What size wreath did you use?

    • Debbie December 5, 2016 at 8:04 am

      Thanks! I used a 20 inch frame because we don’t have tons of wall space in our house. But we often run out of space on the wreath for cards so next time I would go larger.


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