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Juggling everything as a parent can be hard. Here are 10 tips to help save time and manage your life!

Time-saving tips for moms that make life easier

Inside: Juggling everything as a parent can be hard. Here are 10 time-saving tips so you can manage your life a little easier! This post contains affiliate links. When I got pregnant, my husband and I knew we had a roller coaster ride in front of us — dirty diapers, night-time feedings and sleepless nights. What we didn’t know was we would…

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Advice, tips and hacks for working moms everywhere! These tips are great for any busy parent!

66 proven ways for working moms to balance life like a superhero

As a working mom, this is the blog post I’ve always wanted to read. It’s no secret that it takes tremendous effort to balance family, work, cleaning, cooking and your own interests. The reason it’s difficult? Balance doesn’t exist. Some days your work will take over, and other days your kids will need so much attention that you can’t do anything else.…

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What would happen if we looked at our bellies in the mirror today and felt wonder and awe, no matter what our stomachs looked like? Just like a 3-year-old

How to love your belly again like a three-year-old

My three-year-old son ZJ stops in front of the mirror every day to admire his belly. At his age, it’s round and smooth like a watermelon, topped with a little belly button. Boy, is he proud of his belly! He celebrates it. He marches down the hall with his belly leading the way. He laughs at it and rubs it…

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I used these 5 simple strategies to find more time and energy to exercise. These tricks helped me learn to stick to a workout program!

5 simple ways to find more time and energy to exercise

I’m not one to do something simply because I’m supposed to. But I love working out. Luckily it’s good for me, too. As a working mom, I have to put on my creativity hat to find time for the gym. My husband and I devised a schedule so I have the flexibility to go a few times a week after work. But…

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Five people I follow that inspire me to fly

Some people simply inspire you to do more. To be better. To fly higher. Do you know the ones I am talking about? Some people push you to examine the world through a different lens. You are now looking down at the Earth perched from the stars. It’s the same Earth but a more brilliant view. I love to be inspired by…

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Life's little disappointments can bring unexpected surprises!

When life gives you lemons, make a meringue

I made an amazing discovery that I am sharing with everyone. Every day this week I am treating myself to a Chai latte at the coffee shop near my work. Today they were out of Chai, which was devastating. This tea grounded my day as I sorted through pangs of disappointment that life had hurled at me recently. Then, the…

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You CAN have a full and engaged life with your family, without going crazy. I have found these three very simple steps can make a difference.

How you can quit being a busy mom in three life-changing steps

On your mark. Get set. Go! Every weeknight after I get home from work, we have less than three hours to get everything done before bedtime. I race to get dinner on the table, convince my son to eat, clean the house and kitchen, push my son in the bath, drag him out of the bath, dripping, and then coax him to bed…

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This simple trick can make laundry easier!

This laundry hack could save you hours of time

Several months ago our 15-year-old washing machine died. Kaput. This washer was a workhorse, supporting us during the early years with our son. The stinky blow-outs.  The food splatters.  It kept his itsy bitsy footie pajamas clean, and our clothes from smelling like spit up, if only for a few minutes. However, replacing it has been life changing. Okay, I’m…

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Tips to cook a healthy meal for your family, even when you are busy!

How to meal plan when you don’t have time to meal plan

In the midst of one of the busiest times that I can remember, I stumbled upon the most amazing approach to meal planning. It’s like a capsule wardrobe but for getting dinner on the table every night. This is perfect if you have only 10-15 minutes to cook before you eat. In the swirl of life, some days dinner is…

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This is exactly why your kid needs a theme song (and so do you!)

Why your child needs a theme song (and why you need one too)!

“Thunder” Every morning we hear  AC/DC’s 1990 song “Thunderstruck” in our living room as my three-year old gets ready for preschool. “Thunder” A little smile comes across his face when he hears the guitar intro from the Planes Fire and Rescue movie. He gets pumped. His blood starts moving and he is now ready for the day. “Thunder” Yes, my son has adopted…

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