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Great recipe for pesto chicken and only four ingredients!

How to make an easy chicken pesto dish with only four ingredients!

I am always on the prowl for painless but delicious weekday dinner recipes. I love to cook but I usually don’t have time to whip up a masterpiece after working all day. Finding easy recipes is critical to survival as a mom! I ran across this Easy Italian Chicken Bake recipe from Pinning Mama that met my criteria — four ingredients, easy prep…

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Super Easy Kid Friendly Calzones!

Kid-friendly, super easy mini calzones

Oh, how I love a calzone! There is something about how the fresh baked dough meets the cheese and meat that makes me hungry. I avoided calzones for a while because they can be a bit heavy for a meal, and they sure aren’t healthy! When I was living on my own, pre-family, I found a delicious alternative that isn’t half bad…

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Super yummy, very easy Andes chocolate cookies

Super easy, super yummy Andes mint chocolate cookies

I love to bake, but rarely have time for it. This year, I was able to carve out an evening to make cookies for my son’s preschool holiday party and for gifts. Thank goodness the perfect cookie came my way via The Frugal Girls. They created Peppermint Crunch Dark Chocolate Cake Mix cookies. Here is my modified recipe based on theirs. (And…

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So easy and quick! Chicken Sausage Stirfry!

My go-to chicken sausage stirfry. Easy, quick and delicious!

If you haven’t cooked with chicken sausage, I highly recommend that you do so. Chicken sausage (pre-cooked) is my favorite go-to protein out there. You can just cut it up and saute: A few minutes and you’re done. Or you can throw them on the grill. Each cooking method produces different flavors but both are equally delicious. And so quick.…

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Spaghetti squash is easier to make than you think!

Easy Peasy Spaghetti Squash!

I’ve always been intrigued by the spaghetti squash. How could a vegetable magically turn into a spaghetti-like food after cooking? I love root vegetables. I am not sure why it took several decades to try spaghetti squash! Here is what I learned about spaghetti squash: It is extremely easy to cook, either in the oven or the microwave. Prep is minimal, which…

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How to make frozen vegetables taste great! --

How to make frozen vegetables taste great!

Have you ever started to make dinner and realized that you had no good options for a vegetable? That’s me. I will admit that sometimes I buy too many fresh veggies and they go bad before I can use them. Then the next week, I compensate by buying too few and we are stuck with frozen vegetables. Sometimes frozen veggies can be fine…

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Chicken Salsa Slow Cooker Recipe

Ridiculously Easy Recipe: Two-ingredient chicken and salsa

Easy. Easy. Easy. Easy. Easy! Did I mention how easy this recipe is? This simple slow cooker chicken recipe is from Holly Homer at Kids Activities Blog. It requires two ingredients and a slower cooker. There is virtually no prep, which is perfect for days when everything has gone crazy. Ingredients: Chicken (frozen is fine) Fresh salsa Cook: Mix the…

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How to make a simple meal divine with the right ingredients

How to make a simple meal divine with the right ingredients #WFMfoodie

  A recipe doesn’t need to be complicated to be good. That’s been my mantra since I became a mother. A simple meal is always better in my book. I’d like to go a bit further: A high-quality sauce, oil or ingredient can make a simple meal divine. As a working parent, I’ve mentioned that I don’t have time to cook every night. I…

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Easy Protein Power Pancakes

What’s for breakfast? Power pancakes!

This year I decided to put my sports bra back on and start exercising again, post baby. Serious exercise. I love it — a hard workout always invigorates me. It also increases my appetite. The next morning (post workout), I am ravenous, so I started to eat more protein for breakfast. And yes, I quickly grew tired of scrambled eggs. When I read…

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Freeze your own rice!

Freeze your own rice: simplify dinnertime and save money too!

Frozen rice is a gift from God. It can save 20-30 minutes on busy nights. Just pop it in the microwave (or heat on the stove) with a little butter and spices. I used to buy frozen rice at the grocery store until I realized I could cook and freeze my own rice at a fraction of the cost. Frankly, I think…

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