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Five people I follow that inspire me to fly

Some people simply inspire you to do more. To be better. To fly higher. Do you know the ones I am talking about? Some people push you to examine the world through a different lens. You are now looking down at the Earth perched from the stars. It’s the same Earth but a more brilliant view. I love to be inspired by…

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134 Parent Hacks to make your life easier!

These genius parenting hacks will make you happy

I love discovering new parent hacks to make life easier. I probably spend more time looking for shortcuts then it would actually take to perform whatever task I want to hack! Hacking parenthood is a tricky thing. Some areas of life you shouldn’t take shortcuts, especially when it comes to communicating with your family or providing a nurturing home. However,…

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I Know How She Does It! (Book Review)

Juggling work and family — can we really have it all? (Book Review)

Here is the burning question for many working mothers these days: Can I be a good mother and balance the demands of a successful career as well? Can I seriously do it all? Do I really want to? Laura Vanderkam addresses the practicalities of this debate in her book: “I Know How She Does It: How Successful Women Make the Most of Their…

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Learning to Read with Darth Vader

Learning to read with Darth Vader (and Luke and Leia)

We are a Star Wars family. When we ran across the Epic Yarns series of Star Wars board books, we fell in love. Jack and Holman Wang published three ingenious board books this year that tell the story of each of the original movies: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Each book re-enacts the story in twelve…

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Thank you “Llama Llama” for helping us transition to preschool!

Starting preschool can be hard stuff for some kids. It’s a huge life shift, especially if your kid has never been in a daycare. My son recently left a babysitter who loved him dearly and gave him tons of personal attention to start preschool. He is now in a room full of crazy, loud two-year olds with wonderful teachers. The catch…

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