How you can support a healthy family, inside and out #WOWSummit

Raising a healthy family is important to me. I am sure many moms would say the same.

But what we want and what happens can be two different things. With a busy or chaotic schedule, we don’t always make the healthiest of choices.

Sometimes it’s enough that we make it to bedtime with all our limbs intact.

This summer, I learned more about a group wholly dedicated to supporting healthy families. Moms Meet connects families with healthy food, supplements, cleaners and other products to help them lead a healthier lifestyle and support a greener Earth.

Moms Meet reached out to me to partner with them for their recent conference #WOWSummit. Disclosure, I received a free ticket to attend but the ideas and opinions here are my own.

How you can support a healthy family, inside and out #WOWSummit

This conference opened my eyes to a supportive community of moms who are doing the best they can for their families. These moms deeply touched me.

I took these two messages from the conference to heart: how to stay healthy on the outside and more importantly, how to stay emotionally healthy on the inside.

1. Simple ways to take care of our outside

Taking care of the outside depends, in part, on what we eat.

Psychiatrist and author Dr. Drew Ramseythe keynote speaker, talked about the power of whole, real food.

Food and nutrition can be the underlying cause of many physical ailments and switching to natural foods such kale and healthy grains can be a real game changer.

He provided simple and actionable rules to optimally feed ourselves and our families.

How you can support a healthy family, inside and out #WOWSummit


Check out his latest book Eat Complete for easy healthy recipes using whole foods.

The conference also introduced healthy products for parents to promote healthy families.

As a busy parent, it’s not always easy feed our kids right. We need portable snacks and healthy alternatives when our kids refuse milk, or can’t drink it.

The public demand for healthier foods in local grocery stores is rising. Brands like Mary’s Gone Crackers and Soy Delicious are now in a variety of grocery stores and are accessible to more and more families. I love this new trend!

The conference featured foods that are tasty and also support your family’s healthy needs. Here are just a few of the brands at the conference that I am excited about.

How you can support a healthy family, inside and out #WOWSummit


Harvest SnapsNutiva / XyloBurst Lollipops / Mary’s Gone Crackers / Thinsters Cookie Thins / Crystal Deodorant / Organifi Green Juice / FlapJacked Might Muffins

I also loved Go Organically Fruit Snacks and Sir Bananas milk (not pictured). Both are delicious and I will be using these in my home.

2. How to take care of your insides, too.

At #WOWSummit, our mental state as parents was also addressed and I found these two key messages helpful:

  • Forgive yourself when you can’t do it all.
  • Trust yourself and your gut, that you will make good parenting decisions.

Two well-known moms and bloggers spoke on these ideas and served me food that I won’t forget.

Leonore Skenazy, who blogs at Free Range Kids, was criticized for letting her then 9-year-old son ride the subway by himself. He asked to do this and Leonore knew that he had the ability and trustworthiness to do it. She gave him the tools, and he was made it home without incident.

However, a firestorm began when she blogged about it. She was hit left and right for her choice to give her son this freedom.

Leonore doesn’t advocate that everyone send their kids on the subway at nine years old. But she said you know your children better than anyone else. You know what they are capable of.

We think we have to be with our kids every single second and that takes a toll on us as parents, she said. Personally, I feel this pressure and I do feel anxiety.

How you can support a healthy family, inside and out #WOWSummit

And why do we tighten the reigns on our children? It is a culture of fear.

We are being preached to “be afraid” at every corner.

Leonore said this is happening for a few reasons: Fear of our kids getting hurt. Fear of us making irreversible parenting mistakes. Fear of being prosecuted in this litigious world. Media reports and child safety experts are feeding into it this frenzy, too.

She recommends giving your child a little more freedom, especially when they ask for it.

It’s a relief to let go of the reigns, just a little, and see your kid bloom as a result.

She said you want your kids to scrap their knees when they are crawling so they have incentive to walk.

And we have to trust ourselves that we will make good parenting decisions.

You can check out her book: Free-Range Kids, How to Raise Safe, Self-Reliant Children (Without Going Nuts with Worry)

Blogger Rachel Martin writes at Finding Joy and you can guess what she is in search of.

Her blog posts have gone crazy viral with this one simple message: You are enough.

How you can support a healthy family, inside and out #WOWSummit

How many moms today beat themselves up because they simply can’t balance everything?

It’s so easy to make a mistake as a mom. Yes, she said, we will make mistakes, but when we mess up, we learn to be better.

Rachel said we often feel alone and don’t fully understand that other moms experience the same thing.

We never write on Facebook: “Today was a great day. I got the dishes done.” I feel that way and I may do that more often!

We are good moms even if we have bad days, she said.

These lessons are so important to learn as a parent, especially with little children, Rachel said.

You are enough. And it does get easier as your family grows older.

Forgive yourself when you can’t do it all!

#WOWSummit gave me a variety of tools to help my family be healthy — emotionally and physically.

This message was clear: the more we can take care of ourselves, and forgive ourselves, the easier it will be to weather the storms of parenthood.

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