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Welcome to Mom Simplified!

My name is Debbie Hodges Walyus, a working mom with a spirited boy, searching for ways to make life simpler.

My husband, son, and I live in Arlington, Va., outside of Washington, DC. However, I was raised in Memphis, Tenn., in a large southern family. Currently, I work full-time in web communications in nearby Alexandria.

What’s Mom Simplified about?

I am on a mission to embrace the competing demands of parenthood, working, being a wife and pursuing my own passions and activities.

I love practical tips, shortcuts and hacks that make life easier. I consume them and love to try them on for size.

Many hacks out there simply don’t work for everyone, but there are some that are life savers!

The blog is divided into three sections:

Simplify Kids

Simplify Food

Simplify Life

Life is way too complicated and I want to get back to basics. I am not a minimalist but I see value in it. In this blog, I explore everything that hopefully leads to a good, simple and productive life.

Read my first post here: How to eat an entire elephant.

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Feel free to contact me at debbie@momsimplified.com.

Simplify Kids. Simplify Food. Simplify Life!



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