5 easy travel kid snacks to grab when you are on the run

My three-year-old ZJ doesn’t always know when he is hungry.

In fact, it can get to the point of what is now known as hangry: he is frustrated, irritable and frankly not very pleasant to be around.

I don’t immediately recognize the cues but then it hits me. We’ve been rushing around all morning and he didn’t have a proper snack.

That’s why I have a stock of portable snacks on hand almost everywhere I go.

I wish I had time to make my kid fresh homemade snacks, but our family’s reality is that I need something I can quickly grab without any preparation.

Here are five easy grab-and-go snacks that I love:

Go Organically fruit snacks are the perfect grab and go treat!

Disclosure: Go Organically sent me fruit snacks to try with my family but my opinion is my own. This post also contains affiliate links.

Go Organically Fruit Snacks

What I love about fruit snack packs is that they are uber portable and always tasty. I whip one out of my purse and life is better again for my son.

We’ve always bought whatever fruit snacks that they had on special at our local wholesale club but then I tried Go Organically. It was the tastiest fruit snacks I’ve ever eaten.

And probably the healthiest, too.

A few of the benefits: these snacks are organic and made with real fruit and fruit juices.  They have no artificial flavors or colors, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, gluten, genetically modified ingredients or trans fats.

Whew. That was a mouthful to say they are clean eating.

And they taste so good that I often pack one for myself. Check here first to see what stores near you have them.

Cheese Sticks

My son could eat a 1,000 cheese sticks a day if I let him. I love that he gets a satisfying protein-filled snack when he devours them.

The only drawback with cheese sticks is that they require refrigeration. But it’s super easy to throw one in a cooler bag (like this) and add an ice pack.

You can also stop by a local gas station while you’re out where they typically sell cheese sticks individually.

Granola or fruit bar

Another yummy and popular choice for snacks is your basic granola or fruit bar.

My son is in love with Trader Joe’s apple breakfast bars. They also have other flavors such as pumpkin, strawberry and blueberry, but we pretty much stick with the apple bars.

Granola bars is also a great choice but just make sure to read the label if you are searching for something healthy.


Yes, it’s not a surprise fruit is an excellent snack and some fruit is much easier to serve as snacks than others.

Personally, I love grapes as a go-to snack because you can keep them unrefrigerated for longer periods of time.  Strawberries are good too if you leave the stems on .

If you carry your cooler lunch bag, you can pretty much carry any type of cut-up fruit you want.

Apple Sauce

Apple sauce packets changed our lives when our son was younger. So easy to pack and he loved them!

He didn’t even care if they were refrigerated, which made it an ideal snack.

Do you have any great on-the-go snacks for your kids? Please comment below.

Some easy and tasty ideas for kid snacks that are grab and go. These require no prep and are kid approved!

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